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        Audio Recordings (CDs)

Description Price Quantity Amount
DA700  Music of the Ghawazee$15.00  
DA701  Music of the Ouled Nail$15.00  
DA702  Music of the Fellahin$15.00  
DA703  Music for the Oriental Dance$15.00  
DA704  Tunisian Dances$15.00  
DA708  Tunisian Rhythms$15.00  


           All DVDs are zoned for US/Europe/Asia.
Description Price Quantity Amount
DVDA900  Dances of Egypt$35.00  
DVDA901  Dances of North Africa$35.00  
DVDA902  Dancing with Aisha: Tunisian Rhythms and Raqs Shaabi$35.00  
DVDA903  Aisha Dances, Vol I: Egyptian Dances$35.00  
DVDA904  Aisha Dances, Vol II: Dances of the Arab World$35.00  
DVDA905  Wedding in Luxor$35.00  
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